Perth's Premier Succulent Growers

We are passionate local growers of succulent plants.  We have a large variety of general, collectors and imported succulents.  Our range includes Echeveria, Aloe, Haworthia, Crassula, Sedum, Kalanchoe, Cacti and many more.

We are leading experts in growing succulent plants in Western Australia.  Our experienced staff have a long history in the Nursery industry and are dedicated to cultivating succulents through modern propagation practices and efficient production methods. 

We own and operate a Nursery where we propagate and grow our stock which is open to the public for retail and wholesale sales.  Being Perth’s premier growers, we also contract grow for other suppliers in the industry.

We have a range of popular gifts and succulent bowls that are available at our Nursery or on our online store.  We supply large quantity orders for weddings, retail outlets and corporate gifts.  Our large outdoor succulent bowls are favourites among landscape designers and those needing inspiration for easy maintenance outdoor gardens. We invite you to contact us directly for large custom bowls or landscaping services.